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Rubber Stamps

Do you want to add a personal touch to your documents, invoices or envelopes? Our in-house team can get your logo and even signature on any kind of custom stamp you choose. We have a wide range of fonts, styles and colours to choose from and can make the whole process of selecting the right one really simple, and a lot of fun. If you have a stamping need, we have the stamping solution! 


Self-inking stamps are really efficient and easy to use and a great marketing tool. They are a much neater and cleaner option than traditional styles and can help make your documents look professional and streamlined. If you opt for self-inking, we will transfer your logo or design onto the stamp with your choice of style and colour. These last for up to 10,000 impressions and are a really affordable long-term solution for small business.  


Great for personal or business use, this style requires a separate ink pad to the stamp. Your design will be imprinted onto the stamp itself and you have many choices of styles and fonts. These can be more affordable than other styles in the stamping range, but still make a great impact and are simple to use. 

Specialty Stamps

Catering to our unique and diverse clients is something we love being able to do. With our high-quality equipment and expertise, we are regularly asked to design, create and produce stamps as a one off or for specialty use. Various organisations and departments utilise our services to create pieces such as Justice of the Peace, common seals, certification and embossing stamps.

Ink pads

If you are looking for a new ink pad for your stamps, we have plenty of options for you! Our pads are all made from non-toxic, dye-based ink and made with a high quality felt for an even and smooth application. We have a variety of colours to choose from that vary from the traditional and standard colours, which adds a little bit of fun to your stamping. We can also refill your ink pad for you so that you won’t have any waste. We also hold a stock of Ink Pads and inks for the most popular sizes and makes.

Need to chat about your stamping needs or not sure what you want? Pop in to the store and take a look at our range, where one of our fabulous team will help you make the right selection. 

Our design team love bringing our products to life to champion your brand. Let us design something special, just for you.